Parasailing in Dubai


Experience the ultimate parasailing experience in Dubai, flying 120 meters above the water for stunning views of the Dubai skyline, Burj Al Arab and Palm The 15-minute trip promises a thrilling ride and the chance to catch w ‘unforgettable memories of a holiday in Dubai.

Your parasailing experience begins at the marina, where you will be introduced to the captain and his crew. Once the security briefing is done, you will board the Paracel boat for the short 5 to 10 minute ride near the impressive Burj Al Arab. The captain will then deploy the parachute and the first jumpers will be called to jump.

As you soar into the sky, you will be treated to panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline and the breathtaking Palm Jumeirah. See the awesome scenery and enjoy the thrill of flying through the air. Before disembarking back on the boat, you will have the opportunity to float and enjoy the sailing.

Every participant will have their chance to experience the thrill of parasailing, ensuring everyone can enjoy this amazing adventure. The last pilot will complete their flight and ride back to the departure point, filled with excitement and unforgettable memories of your parasailing experience in Dubai

Join this incredible journey and witness Dubai’s iconic landmarks from a unique perspective, all while creating lasting memories of your holiday.


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